Green IT’s platform is the ideal environment for collaboration, enabling teams to share ideas across departments and devices. Our design maximizes your organization’s productivity. Never again let critical data slip into informational black holes.


Get to know your data inside and out. Green IT helps users develop and sustain deep knowledge of their portfolio throughout its lifecycle. Our design helps you maintain continuity and data integrity through team member and third party changeover.

Ease of Use

Designed with ease of use in mind, Green IT’s feature-rich functionality and powerful search capabilities simplify your portfolio. Make data easily accessible to end-users via common web interfaces.


Expand the scope of your assets/ data with Green IT’s infinitely flexible architecture. Our platform supports integration and secure sharing of project/ portfolio attributes, production data (kWh), payments, metrics, maintenance records, contacts, and more with your 3rd party applications.


Implement strong controls and establish standards for project management, reporting, and compliance. Security-hardened and fully redundant, which eliminates risk of losing critical data. On-demand search tools enable deep queries of all data and documents across an entire portfolio.


Green IT’s centralized hub offers more comprehensive insights into portfolio data and activity. Track, search, and organize correspondence by project or facility. Investigate scheduled compliance items. Configure individual contract terms or create templates from scratch.

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